the place where you want to live


You will have someone to ask about the real living conditions and the quality of construction, and it is always easier to settle when the territory already been mastered

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7 km from Kiev on the best of all possible Zhytomyr highway is the guarantee that You will get to work and back home quickly and comfortably


With round- the- clock security, You can be assured in your safety and the safety of your children


A café-bakery Five O'clock, tennis courts, a car wash, a playground, a garden center, a sauna and Finnish baths


Just 7 km from Kiev on the Zhitomir highway, but at the same time away from the noise and bustle of the metropolis, the cottage complex ”Belgravia”, dissolved in coniferous scents, is immersing in greenery. Amazingly beautiful nature, the air filled with freshness , a lovely countryside silence, which is broken only by the twittering of birds – everything breathes peace and harmony here.

Just this comfortable oasis of silence and calm in a close proximity to the capital has been chosen to create a cottage complex called "Belgravia".



One of the important advantages of the cottage complex "Belgravia" is a wide choice of cottages to any taste, depending on a lifestyle and personal preferences. You can choose a spacious mansion with a large plot or a functional house with a cozy gardening area. "Belgravia" is optimally divided into plots of 8, 10, 12 and 25 acres, on which there are 77 houses of two types -of the main complex and the club complex. The main complex is the stylish functional houses, area of which is from160 to 330 m2.The club complex consists of luxurious mansions with the area from 568 to 730 m2.

From 9 types of cottages You will exactly choose the most convenient cottage for You. And if You wish to become the author of Your home, our experienced architects will help to create an individual project.



Choosing a country house, it is important to take into account all possibilities of the complex from the very beginning, because as from now Your lifestyle will change.

A measured tempo of the country life and a dynamic style of active city-dwellers are harmoniously combined in the country town “Belgravia’. If necessary, you can buy products at the shop, go in for sports on the tennis court, play with children on the playground and receive guests in a stylish cozy café. Tired after a difficult week? A sauna and Finnish baths are to Your services. Not every country complex can boast of such infrastructure.

And there is one more important point. There is the eponymous garden center on the territory of the complex “Belgravia” where You can immediately pick over the plants and a landscape design for your garden. Also "Belgravia" cooperates closely with a design studio / a salon-shop 31 Concept Gallery, where You can order the interior of your home and choose the best furniture, accessories, textile, and even flowers.

A special attention is paid to security at the complex. It is guarded the clock round, a private operating company is responsible for all communal needs.

Not in vain "Belgravia" has the name of London's fashionable district- we value our reputation.



What is a "perfect garden"? A perfect garden is not appeared by itself – it is invented by a landscape designer in a close collaboration with a customer. As your garden should ideally continue your lifestyle - it should reflect your habits, lifestyle, preferences and tastes. A garden, a yard and a lawn must ideally fit the architectural ensemble of the house, and also if it’s possible - the surrounding landscape, transforming and adding it. The main task of a landscape designer is to create a garden, which is at the same time aesthetic, easy to maintain and functional for all family members. After all a garden is a place where the harmony lives and to transfer this harmony into the plant language is the basic function of a good designer. And for this we need to understand the "language" of plants, to know flowering calendars, to be aware of the architectural features of the garden planning, to think over engineering constructions, to understand the climatic peculiarities of the region and take them into account while creating a landscape design. A peace and a pleasure of a client depend on the experience, the taste and the competent approach of a designer. Yet still not flowers and lawns but people are main in any garden, who will create this garden and will live in it happily.



Purely English atmosphere can be felt in the cafe-bakery located on the territory of a cottage complex "Belgravia" with a purely English name. The aesthetics of modern England is successfully transferred with the help of a stylish design, an abundance of greenery, bright red chairs and original art objects such as a brass clock in a lush carved frame or loft lamps. Cozy, picturesque and truly "tasty" place with a wonderful menu can become an ideal place for meeting of old friends, here you can celebrate birthdays or spend long summer evenings on a green terrace.

By the way, there is always the freshest pastries with an amazing flavour. Do you love croissants? Then You have to come here!


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