Just 7 km from Kiev on the Zhitomir highway, but at the same time away from the noise and bustle of the metropolis, the cottage complex ”Belgravia”, dissolved in coniferous scents, is immersing in greenery. Amazingly beautiful nature, the air filled with freshness , a lovely countryside silence, which is broken only by the twittering of birds – everything breathes peace and harmony here.

Just this comfortable oasis of silence and calm in a close proximity to the capital has been chosen to create a cottage complex called "Belgravia".


Firstly, the infrastructure here is carefully and harmoniously thought out -the cottage complex is built up with nine types of modern cottages with a different area and a stylish modern design.

Secondly, the complex "Belgravia" is surrounded by magnificent nature, which favorably completes its architectural ensemble.

Thirdly, All infrastructure in the cottage complex is really provided for a comfortable staying – from a convenient transportation to tennis courts of the sports complex, cozy cafes and guest houses.

Just due to these criteria "Belgravia" favorably differs from other similar complexes, but, of course, to make a major decision in Your life –about the House where You'll be happy –it is necessary to arrive at the place.To feel the atmosphere of comfort and calmness in the bossom of nature, to walk barefoot on a soft grass, to breathe a fresh forest air and to begin living in harmony with yourself and with nature.


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